At Last! A way YOU CAN MAKE MONEY the same way Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, does...

Distributing Software

"...This is just a quick little note to say THANK YOU. Thank you for giving me the chance to get hold of your "Rights" package. I mailed 84 letters on Monday and had $985.00 in orders by Friday. And the best part is that $976.24 of that was ALL PROFIT! Thanks again, Benson."
Benson Goh, Lane Cove.

Dear Friend,

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He became that way for one simply reason. He makes HUGE PROFITS. And the way he makes huge profits is by

distributing CD ROMs and
floppy disks, which cost mere
pennies, for hundreds of dollars.

Think about it for a moment... Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, distributes CD ROMs and floppy disks for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. And his costs are mere pennies.

Consider the cost of Microsoft's Visual Basic for example. This Bill Gates product retails for around $1,000.00, yet when you buy it you get three CD ROMs. And those CD ROMs may only cost all of $2 to duplicate ($5 with the box). That means Bill Gates gets $1,000.00 for something that costs him $5. He makes $995.00 PROFIT. And that's a HUGE PROFIT in anyone's language. No wonder he's the richest man in the word.

Wouldn't it be great if you could do the same? Wouldn't it be great to make such HUGE PROFITS from such CHEAP items ? Wouldn't it be great if you could do what Bill Gates does and turn cheap floppy disks (which you can easily duplicate yourself at home as needed) into hundreds of dollars?!

You bet!

I mean, imagine getting $157.00 for a floppy disk which only costs you 54 cents. You'd MAKE $156.46 PROFIT EACH ORDER. And that'd be like turning 54 cents into $157.00. And that's something that no bank on earth can offer you. Just imagine it... you'd be following the same PROVEN METHODS OF MAKING MONEY that Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, uses.

And all you need to start making money like Bill Gates does, is to have a product to distribute.

And that's the hard part. You could travel all over the country-side searching for products, which could take you who knows how long to find.

Or you could try and save yourself all the hard work of searching for a product by creating one yourself. But then you'd have to spend months and months (maybe even years) creating the product. What a nightmare.

Why put yourself through all that? It's way too much hard work. It's far

easier, quicker and cheaper to
buy the "Rights" to an already
existing product!

When you buy the "Rights" to an already existing floppy disk product you save yourself loads of time and money - time and money you would have spent creating the product.

You also save money on the product because, you duplicate the product yourself... at home as needed. You'll never have to pay a wholesaler for stock. Instead, when you distribute the product YOU get to KEEP ALL THE MONEY - your only cost being a tiny 54 cents for the floppy disk itself. That leaves you with a TREMENDOUS amount of nearly


This is important because, to make the most amount of money possible, you don't want to share your profits with anyone. You don't want to be sharing money with wholesalers, and manufacturers, and distributors, and agents, and reps. You want to keep as much money as you can. And the best way to make sure you keep as much money as you can is by

buying reprint and
duplication rights to
already existing products and
distributing them yourself!

Owning the rights to products means you can sell the products as if they were yours - no royalties, no wholesale fees, no commissions! It also means you can sell hundreds, or even thousands of copies, and you get to keep ALL the profit!! Your only cost is the duplication of the product (and with floppy disks this is minimal, and can easily be done from home as the orders come in).

To make it easy for you to start making money like Bill Gates does - distributing cheap floppy disks for huge profits - I am offering you the chance to get hold of

The FULL, Lifetime, Unlimited, Reprint and Duplication Rights to three floppy disks (which earn you from $39.00 - $157.00 each), the complete marketing system used to get upto an incredible 27% response rate (27 people out of 100 sent money) from one of the disks, plus a whole stack of bonus items.

Let me show you in more detail what you get. You get...

The Duplication Rights to an electronic marketing book package called "How To Give Your Business An Edge Over Your Competitors." This is an electronic version of a 74 page print book and comes with over 30 PROVEN sales letters. This book shows you over 24 proven marketing strategies and 11 sales letters for you to use to increase sales... but that's not all. It also shows you...

  • How to avoid the ten marketing mistakes which are fatal to your business.
  • How to DOUBLE your business within six months without reducing your prices or spending any extra on marketing!
  • The 'Golden Rule' of ALL successful advertising.
  • How to write an ad that's up to 500% more profitable.
  • How to get more sales by overcoming the three reasons why people with money won't buy from you.
  • Fourteen easy ways to keep your customers coming back and spending money with you.
  • A ready made reference library of PROVEN sales letters that you can adapt and use to increase your sales... plus stacks more!
  • It also comes with the special report "How To Get More Sales From
  • All Your Ads, Letters and Promotions" which reveals 17 ways to increase the money you make from your promotions. Plus a whole section devoted to Headlines, a section of Customer Wants and a section on Letter Openings.

This floppy disk can be sold on its own to business owners, used as a back-end product, or used as a free gift to help encourage sales of other items you may sell. This disk retails for $59.00 (which means each order brings you around $58.46 profit). The "Rights" to this are worth $495.00.

The Duplication Rights to a business valuation programme called "BizVal Business Valuation System." This also comes with a "Non-Disclosure Agreement," "Bills of Sale," "Partnership Agreement," "Agreements to Buy," easy-to-follow instructions, a loan calculator, a Promotion Analyser to help you find out which promotions work the best and the special report titled "How To Get More Sales From ALL Your Ads, Letters and Promotions." This software can tell you the value of your business, quickly, easily and in private. And you can print out the results.

You could sell it on its own to business owners, use it as a bonus item with other sales, or use it to start your own "Business Valuation Service" (charging business owners $500.00 a pop to value their business). This disk retails from $97.00 - $157.00 (which means each order brings you around $96.46 - $156.46 profit). The "Rights" to this are worth $495.00.

The Duplication Rights to the "Info Income" floppy disk (which retails for $39.00) and the sales letter that generated up to a 27% response rate and NO RETURNS (27 people out of every hundred buy it - that's $1053.00 back for every 100 letters sent). This disk contains the book "The Insider's Guide To Making Money in Direct Mail," which shows you...

  • The six step 'sequence of success' that guarantees your success!!!
  • How to roll out your business starting with less than $200!
  • The 15 rules of mail order success you must know and follow if you want to succeed. If you don't know or follow these rules you won't succeed.
  • How to develop the ideal product. NO OTHER book on the market goes into such detail showing you how to develop a product that people want to buy!
  • The most common mistake made by people starting their own mail order business, and how to avoid it.
  • The little known secret that will enable you to DOUBLE YOUR PROFITS.
  • An extremely simple but effective way to come up with a killer sales letter. This is the same technique used by copywriters who charge $1,500.00 to write an ad or letter.
  • How to create a product in less than 2 hours even if you don't have a creative bone in your body.
  • The 3 most important words you must know to succeed. If you don't follow the advice in these words you will fail!
  • The 22 things that people want and will pay through the nose to get.
  • Plus much much more!
  • It also has the special report "The Small Book of BIG Ideas" and 71 reports the purchaser of the disk can sell. The "Rights" to this are worth $495.00.

Certificates of Reprint and Duplication Rights - made out in your name giving you the legal right to duplicate and reprint the three products.

Product Masters - used for duplication purposes. These will all be contained on IBM compatible Win95/98/NT floppy disks, as the floppy disks are the products.

A special file added to the installation routine of the products which lists YOU as the distributor. As well as the passwords of your choice coded into all three products. Meaning you, and only you, can give people the passwords they need to access the products (this is part of the ingenious marketing method and is fully explained in the materials that come with the package).

In most cases, all material is shipped to your door within 48 hours . This gives the extra time needed to re-code the software and installation routines, add the additional code which names you as distributor, and add your passwords (all of which prevents unauthorised duplication of your products).

The special report called "How To Create Your Own Fantastic Floppy" which reveals how to make your own password protected floppy disk. And shows you all about this unique and PROVEN money-making method. It also shows you other ways to make even MORE MONEY with floppy disks. A $30.00 value.

The special report called "48 Tips To Make Your Letters And Ads Bring In The Bux!" which reveals 48 tips for creating sales letters that work (including THE "Secret Weapon" most master-copywriters use to create winning sales letters WITHOUT EFFORT) . A $30.00 value.

The transcript of an interview with Michael Ross, well-known marketing consultant, copywriter and author, called "A Look Inside The Warped and Twisted Marketing Mind of Michael Ross" which was conducted by business owner Daniel Sotomayer. You get to see deep inside his mind and find out what makes a guy like him tick, and how he comes up with such hot ideas. As the interviewer said to him"I was quite surprised at the length of your answers. I had expected quick short answers. Instead, you gave me very detailed answers."

This interview reveals the truth behind being successful. It's frank and honest. And in it you'll discover one of the most unusual places he comes up with money-making ideas. It's a real eye-opener and quite surprising. A $50.00 value.

A sneak-peak pre-release version of the special report called "Seven Keys to Financial Freedom" which reveals the seven keys to being successful. In it you'll see a method that enables you to come up with million-dollar-ideas every sixty seconds! You'll NEVER be stuck for a money-making idea again, once you've seen this (I have not revealed this to anyone ever before - not even my paying clients). A $47.00 value.

A collection of 15 million-dollar sales letters from master copywriter Robert Collier. You'll see sales letters that made their owners millions of dollars during one of the worst economic times in history. A $20.00 value.

Acres of Diamonds. This is a transcript of a speech by Russell H Conwell. In it you'll see how easy it really is to make money merely by looking in your backyard. Russell Conwell was one of the few men to go to Abraham Lincoln's public and private funeral. He personally saved a church from demolition, started a University and several hospitals. This is an inspirational speech... it's his last. And as he says at the start... ""Acres of Diamonds" - the idea - has continuously been precisely the same. The idea is that in this country of ours every man has the opportunity to make more of himself than he does... in his own environment, with his own skill, with his own energy, and with his own friends." A $30.00 value.

Complete instructions, including the actual sales letter used for marketing the "Info Income" floppy disk and getting upto 27 people out of a hundred to buy. This four page letter is worth at least $1,500.00 (my minimum fee for writing a letter), and you get it as part of this deal.

Well, that's the whole package. As you can see you get quite a lot. In fact, the total value of everything you get is $1,692.00.

And now you must be wondering how much I'm asking for all of this.

Well when you consider all the blood, sweat, tears, tedious hard work, long hours and sleepless nights that went into creating and coding the products... and the $1,500.00 you'd have to spend to get the marketing materials written... I'm sure you'd agree that $1,692.00 would certainly be a fair price to ask. However, I realise that not everyone has $1,692.00 to spare. So what I've done is priced it so that YOU CAN AFFORD IT. When you invest in this package you get everything I've mentioned in the letter so far, which includes...

  • The Reprint and Duplication Rights to the BizVal Business Valuation System.
  • Plus the Reprint and Duplication Rights to the "How To Give Your
  • Business An Edge Over Your Competitors" book.
  • Plus the Reprint and Duplication Rights to the Info Income disk.
  • Plus three Certificates of Reprint and Duplication Rights.
  • Plus Product Master-Copies.
  • Plus the added code naming YOU as distributor.
  • Plus your choice of passwords to protect your products.
  • Plus the "How To Create Your Own Fantastic Floppy" Special Report.
  • Plus the "48 Tips To Make Your Letters And Ads Bring In The Bux!" special report.
  • Plus the Interview transcript.
  • Plus the pre-release "Seven Keys to Financial Freedom" special report.
  • Plus the collection of 15 million-dollar sales letters.
  • Plus the "Acres of Diamonds" transcript.
  • PLUS... Complete instructions, including the actual sales letter used for marketing the "Info Income" floppy disk and getting up to 27 people out of a hundred to buy.

...for a small investment of only $197 plus $6 shipping, for a total of $203. That's a total saving of $1,489.00 off the delivered price!

Now I'm sure you have some questions, so please let me try and answer them here...

Is this price for real?
YES! The price shown above for the basic reprint rights is not a misprint. If you are in the business of selling products via the internet, at trade shows, through retail outlets, via magazine ads, or in catalogues, you know that getting the rights to the products at the above price is a real bargain.

What exactly are Reprint Rights?
The reprint and duplication rights offered give you the non-exclusive right to duplicate, sell, give away, rename, repackage, reprice, and resell individual copies of the products in any way you choose.

What Sort of Restrictions Are There?
The only restrictions on the products are, you may not offer the products wholesale, and you may not sell the reprint and duplication rights to anyone else. Doing so would be in violation of the Reprint Rights terms and the Australian and International copyright laws.

What About Royalties?
Once you purchase the rights you get to keep all the money you make from selling the products. You do not have to pay any royalties or ongoing fees.

Will I Be Able To Duplicate The Product Easily?
Yes! Each product comes on an IBM compatible Win95 floppy disk. All you do is copy the disk and you're done. Simple! Now I ask you "What other product can you sell for $157.00 that only costs you 54 cents? I can think of none. What other product can be duplicated at home in a matter of 30 seconds? I can think of none. That's why distributing floppy disks is so great. It's almost pure profit."

This Is A Great Deal I Must Get Hold Of... How Can I Order?
Well, ordering is easy to do. Simply click below now to go to our secure order form for the "Rights Triple Pack." You save $1,489.00 off the retail price.

Well, that's the whole offer. As you can see, the value you get is far more than the measly amount being asked for it. I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer, and DO IT NOW!!


The more you think about it, the more you'll want it because you'll see this is the best investment you could ever make. Why put it off Frank? Don't you think you owe it to yourself to move on this offer? Don't you want to start living some of those dreams you've been putting off forever?

Look. You won't get another chance to make such huge profits like Bill Gates does, nor get another chance to make money using the same method Bill gates does - distributing cheap floppy disks for LARGE SUMS OF MONEY. I urge you to move on this offer before it's gone.

Take advantage of it while you still can. It won't last. Not at this price. And when it's gone it may be gone forever. Don't put it off for one second, otherwise you may miss the boat and get left behind. You want to make money the same way Bill Gates does? You want to make huge profits? You want to start living some of those dreams you keep putting off? Then order now while it's fresh in your mind!

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Thanks for reading.


Herbert Ratsch
Wealth Systems

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P.P.S. Will this turn-key package make you wealthy? I have to be frank with you: I don't know how rich you'll get once you start using this package. I'm selling you a hammer. Whether you build a doghouse or a castle is up to you. My suggestion: Think BIG! Isn't it time?