SureFire 12 Step System to Offering Your Products and Services So People Buy Them...Now!

"Finally, a Paint-By-Numbers Approach to Creating Advertising That Flat Out Works!" Sean Page - Richmond, In

Dear Friend,

Look at the sales letters and websites your company currently puts out.  Are they causing people to line up and beg you to take their money or are they just being ignored?   Did you know that just changing your headline can often increase response rates by up to 1800%?  Think about what you can do with your response rates once you get our complete marketing course in your hands today!

If you have ever purchased a marketing course before, you know that most of them require a Ph.D. just to understand. Then, if you can wade through days of that material, it will take Einstein himself to explain it to you. Well, what we have done is to create a simple 12 step system to creating effective advertising...Even if you have never written an ad before in your life!

You will receive the complete workbook with 12 seperate worksheets which pratically create your ads for you.. This is as close as possible to a "Fill In the Blanks" advertising creation system! Anyone regardless of their education Can Write Killer Ads...Including You!

Here are just some of the Incredible Secrets You Will Learn in this Course:

  • How to Ask Yourself the Question That 98% of businesses fail to ask themselves which practically guarantees your success in any business! (Page 12)
  • Insider's Secret Backbone of ALL Successful Advertising that 90% of People have never figured out! (Page 23)
  • How You Can Use Your Competition To Increase Your Sales For You! (Page 28)
  • How to Write Passionate Advertising Copy that gets people drooling for your products and services! (Page 29)
  • 24 Power Words to Use In Your Advertising to Increase your sales response on every single ad you write! (page 30)
  • How to make your advertising friendly and conversational to make them confident in ordering from you! (page 31)
  • 2 Step System to developing a Uniqueness to Your Business which absolutely leaves ALL competitors in the dust! (page 35)
  • How to Increase Your Sales Income by As Much as 297% or More by spending only a couple of pennies more on each of your packages! (page 42)
  • How to get people to take action NOW every time! (page 44)
  • How to Increase the Value of ALL of your products or Services to double or even triple your profits off of everything you sell! (page 46)
  • How to Increase your response rate by 245% or more by writing a Special Risk-Free Guarantee! (page 47)
  • 4 Insider Secrets to Every Successful Guaramtee! (page 48)
  • How to Make An Offer People Can't Refuse! (page 50)

And if that wasn't enough, you will also learn:

  • Why most advertisers have their prospects almost sold...and then lose 50% of their orders at the last moment and you can change that simply and easily! (page 53)
  • 6 Proven Ways to Create Killer Order Forms! (page 54)
  • How One Headline can outsell another headline by as much as 1800% without a single change in the salesletter itself!(page 65)
  • 3 Insider Secrets for Successful Headline Writing! (page 67)
  • 8 Proven Headline "Recipes" and How you Can make money with every single one of them! (page 69)
  • How to Make Sure you come up with a winning headline every time you sit down to write! (page 77)
  • How two little marks on your salesletter increase sales by 20% and why they should be placed on every ad you create! (page 75)
  • How You can create Lists of Benefits which get your prospects drooling for your products and services! (page 81)
  • 3 Myths which are destroying your salesletter's response rates! (page 88)
  • 4 Steps of every sales process! (page 92)
  • 8 Keys You have to have in every salesletter to succeed! (page 94)
  • 5 Secret Techniques to closing your prospects! (page 97)

This entire package is jam packed full of information and Surprises!

Regularly, this course sells for $97.00, but as a marketing test we are selling this complete online version for a VERY special price.  You can receive all of the above for only $29.97!


When you consider the value of this package and how much difference it can actually make in your business, this low price is just a drop in the bucket!

One headline by itself has been known to outproduce another one by as much as 1800% without changing anything in the salesletter itself. Plus, headlines are only ONE of the 12 steps and Secrets I will teach you.

Why in the world am I offering it for such a low price when I have already sold dozens of copies of it at $97.00 or higher and most of my competitors are offering their courses at as high as $327.00?  It's simple really.  I am sick and tired of people having to let their businesses suffer on the internet because they can't write effective ads, so I wanted to have a price I knew they could afford.


Not Only do you receive our entire marketing course, but you will also receive Over $199.00 in FREE Bonuses just for taking advantage of our Free Trial Offer!

72 HOUR BONUS #1 (Value: $50) Order within the next 72 hours and You will receive our Report "Internet Marketing Tricks" which highlights the major differences between online and offline advertising...It will show you step-by-step how to set up an order pulling internet monster of a website! Now, you can know exactly what you have to do to develop a Full-Time internet income quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. 

72 HOUR BONUS #2 (Value $50) You also get our Report "How to Write Full Page Ads For Maximum Profits" is yours FREE with your order. The Full Page ad is the KING of mail order. Now, you can know how to do one right! This report will show you how to take what you learn in the course and apply it specifically to writing full page ads which funnel orders into your mailbox every single day of the week.

72 HOUR BONUS #3 (Value $99) Receive Our Detailed 50 Step Checklist to Make Sure everyone of your ads is ready to go before it leaves your desk. This Complete checklist (Which we use to check every single we create or evaluate) is one of the secrets to our advertising success. Our advertising would be no where near where it is today without this amazing Sucess Checklist!


Use my SYSTEM. Just follow the simple steps. If your sales don't increase dramatically within 6 months, you get double your money back PLUS you get to keep the 72 hour response bonuses worth $199.00.

All I ask is that you you give my SYSTEM a fair shot. That you take a stab at it and show me a sample of the letter you wrote using THE SYSTEM. It's that simple.

That's how confident I am the SYSTEM will work for you.

If THE SYSTEM doesn't work for, you don't keep it and you don't pay for it. Period!

How could I possibly make an offer more fair than this?

Is there a catch? Only one. I'm only looking to get 50 new customers from this promotion. So when that happens, I'll probably suddenly and without warning pull the plug on this promotion. So if you want in, you better act right now while it's fresh on your mind.


Herbert Ratsch
Wealth Systems

P.S. Finally a step-by-step advertising course with complete fill in the blank worksheets is available so that ANYONE, Including YOU, will be able write KILLER advertising materials whenever you want to!

ONLY $29.97 for a Limited Time only!



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